About Us

Athona Clinical Services

Waiting list pressures have never been more challenging. That’s why our Clinical Leads are committed to understanding your current pressures and providing the bespoke support you need to reduce waiting times.

The service we provide is specifically tailored to each Trusts’ needs and is designed to help rapidly reduce the volume of patients breaching operational standards. These standards, such as RTT (Referral to Treatment), are part of an NHS pledge to minimise the length of time patients wait between referral and treatment.

Together, we devise a joint plan to tackle the issues faced by your Trust; whether it’s a short-term need to remove the backlog of patients in order to achieve operational compliance, or a longer-term partnership to provide ongoing support. Both routes are focused on positively enhancing the patient’s experience and easing the pressure on your Trust.

Supporting Trusts to rapidly reduce RTT wait times

Athona provide the following assistance:

  • Provision of multi-disciplinary consultant led teams
  • Triage and clinical assessment of patients
  • Clinically appropriate diagnostics and treatment
  • Onward referral or discharge
  • Follow up appointments
  • Administration for each episode
  • Delivery within your hospital setting
  • A wide range of specialities and flexible options are available

Our experienced teams work in partnership with your Trust to manage the patient pathway end to end. We can provide teams for weekends, evenings or full 7-day services to complement and extend your existing capacity.

Our rates are based on a below tariff offering. We work with you to ensure the Trust receives the best value for money by pricing per procedure, or per team, to meet your budget.

Athona Clinical Services are well placed within the market to assist trusts in rapidly reducing RTT wait times. We offer:

  • Experienced NHS staff who are committed to assisting with RTT recovery at weekends
  • Extensive access to brilliant NHS staff. We are part of Athona, and our specialty specific teams have been providing healthcare staffing solutions for over 17 years across the NHS and private sectors
  • Teams led by experienced NHS Consultants fully supported by our Operational, Quality and Governance Teams
  • Quality Assurance and Clinical Governance, which are the cornerstones of our service delivery, with regular audit and reporting to ensure outcomes and patient satisfaction are of the highest standard