How does Athona’s insourcing work?

Athona Clinical Services is committed to providing a clinically led, robust and quality assured insourcing service to our NHS clients. We understand that each Trust is different and faces its own unique challenges – so we build services that are unique to each trust.

Through initial discussions and a site meeting, we gain an understanding of your Trust’s specific challenges. From here we make suggestions where using insourced clinical teams would make a positive impact on your RTT position. You may just need help with one or two areas, or it could be a combination of specialties involving phased approaches to increase capacity and achieve overall compliance.

Whatever the issue, we are able to help. We can:

  • Help you to recover, reduce and sustain RTT weeks rapidly, resulting in an increase of satisfied patients and better clinical outcomes
  • Help you maximise use of unused clinics and theatre space left vacant during weekends and evenings
  • Bring in multidisciplinary Consultant led team’s that follow your local policies and referral pathways to complement and support your existing teams
  • Quality assure all aspects of delivery, ensuring we are positively enhancing the patient experience as well as the board being assured of high standards of care and outcomes

Our clinical and operational leads review the information gathered along with patient numbers and the trust’s current processes, to formulate a plan to best suit your needs. We will produce a cost-effective, under-tariff solution which is tailored exactly to your trust’s requirements for consideration and approval.

From here, we will deliver a comprehensive implementation plan to deploy our highly skilled Consultant led teams. Dates will be agreed and scheduled for when the consultants are deployed to triage the lists, working closely with your teams to begin booking patients for clinics or treatment.

Whatever the reason for needing extra capacity, insourcing can support trusts with short, medium- or long-term services to recover, reduce and sustain RTT waiting times.

By engaging Athona Clinical Services Insourcing your trust can:

  • Improve both hospital performance and patient satisfaction as a result of patients being treated sooner
  • Achieve a cost-effective, under-tariff solution which is tailored exactly to your trust’s requirements
  • Have full oversight of the highest standards of clinical governance, quality assurance and compliance to ensure that all parties have confidence in the quality of services and care being delivered.