Quality Assurance

Our Guarantee to You

Athona Clinical Services uphold the highest standards of clinical governance, quality assurance and compliance to ensure that all parties have confidence in the quality of services being delivered.


Quality Assurance and Clinical Governance are the cornerstones of our service delivery. We have developed robust mechanisms that are built into the team’s approach to ensure that all Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance standards are met, reviewed and reported on at each event.

Clinical Governance

On site monitoring is undertaken by our Quality Lead at regular intervals to ensure services are running smoothly and to the high standards we set. Should an incident occur, a full investigation will be undertaken with root cause analysis and learning outcomes shared with all parties to prevent reoccurrence.

Quality Assurance

We have built robust checking and reporting mechanisms into our service delivery to ensure that every episode is checked at the time to meet all quality markers.

We also provide either on site or external QA of records by conducting audits that are recorded and reported for both clinician and board level assurance. These audits are fed back to the teams to assure them of their standards or as a development area to refine for further improvement.

Patient Experience

Our aim is to mirror your day-to-day offering at weekends so that your patients feel no difference in terms of the standards or services they receive.

Where we undertake the full patient pathway from initial consultation to treatment and follow up, patients enjoy the benefit of being treated in a familiar setting at a potentially more convenient time.

Patient Satisfaction and Feedback

We follow your trust policies for conducing patient satisfaction surveys and the friends and family test, sharing the results with you weekly and monthly for quality assurance – which also provides departmental and board level assurance.


All team members are recruited based on their skills and experience and undergo an extensive interview process and rigorous pre-employment screening checks. Our compliance requirements exceed those of the NHS Employers six Employment Check Standards.

All team members’ compliance with their regulatory body status, right to work, mandatory training and appraisal and revalidation cycles are continually monitored by our team of compliance officers.


Our teams receive regular monitoring and feedback to reinforce their standards of practice. The feedback and support sessions our professional teams undertake feed directly into their appraisals and PDP, so they are maximising their use of weekend working, benefitting all involved.

To continue their learning, we provide a CPD scheme to encourage all staff to take CPD opportunities at regular intervals.

Patient Confidentiality and Data Protection

We are always mindful of the sensitive nature of the role we play in providing services to the NHS. We have worked hard to ensure that we have robust mechanisms in place ensuring we are following all regulatory and NHS standards, in line with the NHS Data Security and Protection Requirements in all aspects of service delivery.

We are compliant with the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit against the guidance within the Data Protection and Security requirements, and we continue to hold the National Cyber Security Centres Cyber Essentials + certification.

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Full policies and procedures are available on request clinicalservices@athona.com